"It was wonderful to work with Scott and his team to conceptualize and design our terrace, planting, deck, covered arbor and outdoor kitchen. They were exceptionally helpful and resourceful throughout every step of the process, from ideas to critical areas permits, and we are very happy with the results. We regularly host family and friends and they always have something good to say about the design."




"My husband and I have known Scott since 1986. When we decided to hire a landscape architect, the choice was easy. Initially, Scott made us a lovely album with labeled plants and trees we could choose from. This was most impressive but we were so busy that we said, in effect, "just use your judgment and we’ll kibbitz if we see differently.”

We agreed on a forest look throughout, without flowers, except for our entry deck. Scott’s work has turned out beautifully.

There were three adjacent properties on Bainbridge Island waterfront. Scott developed a comprehensive plan for all of them which we could do over time. We left a lot of greenery and added the joint driveway vegetation with plantings on both sides. In addition, we took out a large laurel hedge on two parts of the property and put in various Northwest plantings. Scott then advised us on the plantings we already had but were somewhat overgrown.

We totally changed the screen which runs between our house and the rental next door. Scott advised us to do this and we have been very pleased with the results. At the rental, Scott chose plants and trees we really liked and added a lovely downward sloping garden. Scott chose granite stepping stones, which are wonderful as they meander down the hill towards the water. This focus has worked out very well, along with the rental cottage behind it, with its Northwest plants and trees.

Scott’s plan for the property at Hood Canal incorporated a gorgeous mixture of tiny and midsized plants intermingled with trees. On the water side, beautiful bear grass was planted. We have tiny greens growing between the granite paving stones and they are lovely to see. Scott had a subtle hand rail installed down the hill, adding not only a safety feature but an attractive visual effect.

All this work was done in a timely fashion. Scott was very organized and prepared for every meeting we had. He was professional throughout.
Scott and his crew did an outstanding job and that is why we give him a very high recommendation.

Thank you, Scott, for your work and the many years we have had and the many years of enjoyment ahead!"

-Ellen R.

"We hired SHD to do a major renovation of the landscaping on our one-acre property. We remain extremely pleased with the results and enjoyed working with Scott and his team. We required a landscape architect who also had expertise in earthwork and grading, drainage, plants, irrigation, lighting, and hardscape features such as stone and walls. SHD demonstrated expertise in all these areas. He and his team listened, and were responsive and timely, through all phases of the project. Scott’s thoughtful approach to the design seamlessly incorporated the old and the new into a cohesive whole. I still look out at our landscaping and marvel at its beauty."

-Tina & Kevin



We have worked with Scott Holsapple and his team at SHD | Landscape Architecture for the last three years, collaborating on a large new waterfront estate. The extensive property of several acres includes a main house, separate guest structures, as well as a sport court and dock facilities.

SHD | Landscape Architecture have been able to grasp the poetic potential of this large, partially wild site, and to produce beautiful design proposals for the client, as well as excellent construction documents for clear communication to the contractors. They have also skillfully handled the complexity of permits on a steep hillside that is considered to be environmentally critical.

SHD has been able to grasp the complexity of the site, to manage professional communication, and to hold a strong artistic vision of a landscape in harmony with our architecture. It has been our pleasure to work together as a team.

-Stephen Sullivan, AIA



It is my pleasure to recommend Scott Holsapple, of Holsapple Design Landscape Architecture.

I have known Scott professionally for several years serving on our master planned community’s architectural review committee along several prominent Puget Sound architects and landscape architects. Scott brought excellent experience and fresh ideas to that endeavor and served us very well.

Scott also prepared a refresh landscape plan for my 40-year-old personal residence. He recommended plants and materials to be removed and replaced with fresh new all season’s color in a variety of plant shapes and textures, that I could implement over a period of years. Now five years in, the mix of old and new has merged into a very vibrant landscape palate. We and our neighbors are very pleased with the result.

-John Shaw